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Buzzkill: The EAA's Emails Exposed

September 24, 2015

Below are some of the thousands of Educational Achievement Authority emails (edited for length and clarity) obtained through a...


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Lead Astray: ACLU of Michigan Investigation Has Found Irregularities in Flint’s Water Tests

As its analysis of water samples from more than 275 homes is wrapping up, researchers at Virginia Tech have come to a distressing conclusion:

Because of dangerously high lead levels, the...

Drops In the Bucket

September 10, 2015

Overpriced Water in Flint Is Causing Rashes, Hair Loss

ACLU of Michigan investigative reporter Curt Guyette (pictured), who has been reporting extensively on the mounting water crisis in financially strapped municipalities such as Flint and Highland...

Corrosive Impact: A Tale of Leaded Water and One Flint Family’s Toxic Nightmare

It took a while for LeeAnne Walters to realize the full impact of the number: 13,200.

Walters—a stay-at home mom with four sons and a husband in the Navy—had seen other numbers reflecting...


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