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Democracy Watch: Detroit’s Big Maybe

What can be said with absolute certainty about the so-called plan of adjustment Detroit Emergency Manager Kevyn Orr released last week?

Almost nothing.

It is a plan built...

Democracy Watch: Detroit’s Bankruptcy and Barn Doors

There’s an old adage that alludes to the futility of shutting barn doors once the horses have fled.  With that bit of folk wisdom in mind, it’s worth pointing out that there is a certain runaway...


Voting Rights

Swaps, COPs, Lingering Questions in Detroit Bankruptcy

In 2005, the city of Detroit faced a monumental dilemma: It desperately needed to borrow more than $1.4 billion to help shore up its two pension systems, but doing so would far exceed the legal...


Voting Rights

Democracy Watch: A Project That Fights for Democracy

Another blog. That’s just what the world has been crying out for, right? Yet another blog. Especially one that doesn’t yet have a name, and is still searching for the right voice. A permanent home...